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Atherstone Police Contact Details

Atherstone Safer Neighbourhood Team is contactable via the One Stop Shop, Council House, South Street, Atherstone. Please note that no police officers work from the Council House but the council staff give out information provided by the police. Your nearest police Front Office is at the Warwickshire Justice Centre in Nuneaton.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team consists of a Sergeant, Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers and Special Constables. The officers who cover Atherstone Town and the surrounding areas are as follows:

Sergeant 904 Roger FILDES
PC 382 Leon CARTER
PCSO 6198 Sarah MANDER (Atherstone Town Centre)
PCSO 6207 Liz UDALL (Atherstone Town Centre)
PCSO 6247 Claire MURRAY (Safer Schools Officer covering Queen Elizabeth and Hartshill Secondary Schools)
PCSO 6210 Dan HOSKIN (Hartshill)
PCSO 6231 Ashley WYNDER (Mancetter and Ridge Lane)

To contact any of the above officers please call 01827 719297 to leave a voice message or ring 101 to speak to a call handler.

In an emergency, call 999








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