Name: Joy and Chris Barrows

How long has the store been here: 16 Years

What you sell:  Painted furniture / French Fabrics / Decorative Accessories and proud stockists of Annie Sloan Chalk paint.

How do you describe your business:  Small interior design shop who specialise in helping people to create a beautiful vintage look for their home, using pain, fabric, furniture and accessories. We work with the customer to help them choose furniture for their home. We also provide the finishing touches for example draw pulls, mirrors, etc. We are friendly and approachable and feel happy when a customer buys the right thing for them.

What do you like about being a shopkeeper: We get to meet lots of different people. We get to meet someone new every day.

What do you like about Atherstone: I have lived in Atherstone all of my life with strong roots and friendships. I also like the fact that I can almost everything I want from the shops in the town.

What do you not like about the Town:  It saddens me seeing the empty shops in the town because this town has so much to offer.







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