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Come and join me on an adventure in understanding the wonders and benefits that crystals and fossils can bring to your life. I'm constantly adding new products daily, so please keep checking back, and if you can't see what you require you can email me at kelly@kellyscrystalshop.co.uk. Enjoy your visit, Kelly G :-) ***WORLDWIDE DELIVERY***

That is when I knew I had found my life’s purpose and my vocation. I have continued, and I am finding that my connection with all vibrational matter is improving and constantly changing.

I always strive to be the person I wish I had at the time I fell, to assist others and myself. I haven’t seen my wheelchair since the very first time thanks to the path I chose and I find that my diagnoses has given me more than taken away from me, as my body and health has been my own teacher.

I love my shop and all the items that i sell. I love to help people with my prescriptions and see the benefits they receive.

Have fun

Kelly G


Kelly's Crystal Shop
Long Street, Atherstone

Opening Hours
10am - 5pm Tuesday to Saturday

Contact Via
Telephone:  01827 711458

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