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Welcome to Jack D's

Jack D's on Church Street has superb entertainment every weekend. We have a real community feel to the place. Every person to walk through the doors are made to feel at home.

Our customers and our staff are friendly and are there to ensure everybody has a great night. With great live bands, fancy dress evenings, black tie events Jack D's will keep you guessing

We host parties, functions, wedding receptions and much more the list is endless.

We are super confident that every time you walk through our doors you will have a great time.

So feel free to come in for a glass of fine wine, specialist beer of freshly ground coffee.

See you Soon at Jack D's x


 Jack D's
5 - 7 Church Street,
Atherstone, CV9 1HX

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday

Contact Via
Telephone:  01827 722447


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